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"There were very few people I trusted with my babies when they were new. Robin was one of them. She would arrive in the evening when I was a haggard mama and couldn’t get them to stop crying. She’d pick up a baby and start walking around with him and he’d immediately become calm. She was so adept at juggling my twins at night, always giving them such care and attention, she was truly a life-saver. Robin is a very special person and loved my babies like they were own. And she has a rare magic working with twins. I don’t know what I would have done without her!"
Beth 2017

"Robin has been a great support over the course of my son’s first month. After a rough first two weeks, Robin came 3 nights a week to start with in order to support me and my family. She certainly has a tender touch and could calm my son in no time. She has a calming presence and always great advice. Thanks to her I finally mastered the swaddling technique. She not only took care of my baby but also was concerned about me as a new mom and I felt like I could ask her many questions. I would definitely recommend her!"
Magali 2020

It was such a privilege to have Robin work for us in at our childcare facility. To say she is a baby whisperer is an understatement. Her ability to multi task care of children of multiple ages was done with ease. Plus she was punctual and always reliable. She is a top notch childcare provider in all aspects with all ages .. I have  even gone as fare as to use her for my personal childcare need while out of town and I have trusted reliable family in town, I just knew her tender loving care was the best around. "
Ashley Pryor 

"As a solo mom, Robin's postpartum doula services were invaluable. She is exceptional at supporting babies and families and is warm, caring, knowledgeable, and effective. My baby was not sleeping for long stretches and Robin was able to identify several areas for improvement, resulting in my baby sleeping much better and longer. She also takes thorough notes that she shares at the end of each shift. If ever I had a concern about my baby, Robin was available to provide insight and suggestions.
Robin views her work helping moms and babies as a calling and it is clear in her tender approach."
Erin 2019,2020

"Robin has played many roles in our lives and that of our children - birth doula, postpartum doula, nanny, and sometimes even life coach! She has a magical way with babies and her ability to use touch and sound to calm newborns is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine navigating a complicated twin birth and those frantic first postpartum weeks without her. After those early days, we were fortunate to have Robin come back later in the first year to provide desperately needed nanny care. Having someone we trusted deeply coming into our home during the pandemic was everything. Robin is a thoughtful professional through and through with an abundance of knowledge and experience that she applies with great focus to meet a family’s needs. We are so lucky to know her and are happy for any family that gets to work with her."
Veronica Ksiazek

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